Traditional toasters have the inherent issue that if you poke a knife into the slot you get electrocuted!

So add in a circuit safety switch (under the blue knob area) and you can have a safer Toaster as well!

Due to this a high end a high end, pressure die cast metal finish can be attained and a kettle can be incorporated in to one end of the multi function device.

The look is derived and inspired by the ocean liner posters with the giant "bow" cutting through the waves.

A sleek rationalist minimalist functionalist design that claims its space on the bench and does not need to be hidden away!
arc_design_2013003012.jpg arc_design_2013003011.jpg arc_design_2013003010.jpg arc_design_2013003009.jpg arc_design_2013003008.jpg arc_design_2013003007.jpg arc_design_2013003006.jpg arc_design_2013003005.jpg arc_design_2013003004.jpg arc_design_2013003003.jpg arc_design_2013003002.jpg arc_design_2013003001.jpg