Remember that pond yacht you had as a child?

They are back and now are remote controlled, sailing just like real yachts!

Moulded from recyclable plastics the components feature integral mounting points for the components to reduce materials and provide less to go wrong.

Traditional and modern designs from 30cm to 100cm long give a range of yachts that can be left natural white or painted and customised.

Computer designed and real world tested these little yachts are simply addictive and have a worldwide following of racers and casual sailors alike.

Through sensible use of tooling a range can be produced to give customisable versions as options, more models, less waste!
arc_design_2013010012.jpg arc_design_2013010011.jpg arc_design_2013010010.jpg arc_design_2013010009.jpg arc_design_2013010008.jpg arc_design_2013010007.jpg arc_design_2013010006.jpg arc_design_2013010005.jpg arc_design_2013010004.jpg arc_design_2013010003.jpg arc_design_2013010002.jpg arc_design_2013010001.jpg