Deck chair from alloy and heavy denier saddle stitched canvas.

Aircraft grade blind rivets give sleek appearance and functionality added to by aircraft webbing fittings at base!

Other chairs are in nude carbon fibre with laser cut stainless steel sides, while the connected tube look of the deck chair is carried through a range of furniture including cube chairs, tables and even office file holder units.

The emphasis on lasting designs that are durable and define their own aesthetic space.

The morph chair was designed as a rotationally moulded cafe chair capable of withstanding the elements , weather or graffiti attack.
arc_design_2013007012.jpg arc_design_2013007011.jpg arc_design_2013007010.jpg arc_design_2013007009.jpg arc_design_2013007008.jpg arc_design_2013007007.jpg arc_design_2013007006.jpg arc_design_2013007005.jpg arc_design_2013007004.jpg arc_design_2013007003.jpg arc_design_2013007002.jpg arc_design_2013007001.jpg