Cast aluminium table legs with sleek glass top give the ultimate in minimalist organic furniture aesthetics.

A lasting design that seemingly floats above the floor while maintaining its structural integrity in a visual triangulation of the central bone like structure.

The feet mirror the design of the nose/fender of the Scooter design that featured in the ecology technology exhibition in Ginsa Tokyo alongside works by Ken Cato form Australia, Paula Scher from Pentagram USA and Gert Dunbar from Europe.
arc_design_2013012012.jpg arc_design_2013012011.jpg arc_design_2013012010.jpg arc_design_2013012009.jpg arc_design_2013012008.jpg arc_design_2013012007.jpg arc_design_2013012006.jpg arc_design_2013012005.jpg arc_design_2013012004.jpg arc_design_2013012003.jpg arc_design_2013012002.jpg arc_design_2013012001.jpg