Automotive works from the first factory fitted Dual fuel vehicle in Australia (gas tank mounter above floor and covered in picture above) through keyless remote entry key designs to floor boot matts and technical illustrations.

A wide range of products that impact our every day lives and often go unnoticed.

Indeed the best Automotive body kit packages are not noticed as being kits rather the car is noted for appearing as a different model to the standard version!

Integrating changes like these subtley or not so is the challenge!

arc_design_2013013012.jpg arc_design_2013013011.jpg arc_design_2013013010.jpg arc_design_2013013009.jpg arc_design_2013013008.jpg arc_design_2013013007.jpg arc_design_2013013006.jpg arc_design_2013013005.jpg arc_design_2013013004.jpg arc_design_2013013003.jpg arc_design_2013013002.jpg arc_design_2013013001.jpg