Signage branding packages for some of the biggest retail names in Australia.

From 9 metre long signs for the Branding of the SeaLife Melbourne Aquarium through to equally sized signs for Coles, IGA, LinFox and others ,a considered design allows for easy installation and repair as well as sensible initial cost.

Long lasting LED light arrays provide superior light output and longevity as well as lowering the impact on running costs and service life, a win win!

With such large scale projects the cohessive design of signs allows for commonality of parts and fittings, giving less spares needing to be kept thus cutting down the impact on the environment again!

arc_design_2013014013.jpg arc_design_2013014012.jpg arc_design_2013014011.jpg arc_design_2013014010.jpg arc_design_2013014009.jpg arc_design_2013014008.jpg arc_design_2013014007.jpg arc_design_2013014006.jpg arc_design_2013014005.jpg arc_design_2013014004.jpg arc_design_2013014003.jpg arc_design_2013014002.jpg