Recreational Vehicles and the design of their interiors have not traditionally been viewed and created as you would in a real kitchen.

This range is designed as just that, a "family look" that starts at one item and is carried through to create a harmonious and balanced theme.

From windows, to sink, tap ware, microwave, range hood oven and stove and even the humble fridge, a design lineage is spoken subtly.

With a base range that provides an additional middle and upper model range option via replacement of front panels, different burners or cook top trivets, tooling is minimised and result maximised!

arc_design_2013008012.jpg arc_design_2013008011.jpg arc_design_2013008010.jpg arc_design_2013008009.jpg arc_design_2013008008.jpg arc_design_2013008007.jpg arc_design_2013008006.jpg arc_design_2013008005.jpg arc_design_2013008004.jpg arc_design_2013008003.jpg arc_design_2013008002.jpg arc_design_2013008001.jpg