A recyclabe, safe and unique scooter design!

Featuring a hollow once piece frame made from recyclabe polymer that is not painted (will not show scratches), strong and incorporating integral mud guards.

Clip out the wheels and plug in the snow skis and one product can be used all year!

Motorised version features a silent, smokeless electric motor for commuting at up to 28km/h for 30km per charge.

With 2 frame styles, seated and seat less combining with adult and kids frame sizes this design can be added to by skis, wire spoked wheels or many other options!
arc_design_2013011012.jpg arc_design_2013011011.jpg arc_design_2013011010.jpg arc_design_2013011009.jpg arc_design_2013011008.jpg arc_design_2013011007.jpg arc_design_2013011006.jpg arc_design_2013011005.jpg arc_design_2013011004.jpg arc_design_2013011003.jpg arc_design_2013011002.jpg arc_design_2013011001.jpg