High end environmentally friendly lighting!

The red light above and white lighthouse below utilise 5w car taillight bulbs that offer not only low power consumption yet also give a warm glow.

The polymer used is actually crushed and re granulated car tail lights!

The red or white car tail light polymer is crushed then processed via moulding giving the effect of smoothness on the outside and the texture of millions of bubbles within, like an "aero' chocolate bar".

This foaming of the polymer means as light is pushed out from the bulb, each time it goes through a bubble it bounces and intensifies.

The machine used to mould these lights is recycled rather than it being scrapped and indeed the tooling of the light head is also recycled, previously used for making beer can "stubby" holders!

Base is either Polished Stainless steel or brushed Aluminium for a durable and sustainable design.
arc_design_2013004012.jpg arc_design_2013004011.jpg arc_design_2013004010.jpg arc_design_2013004009.jpg arc_design_2013004008.jpg arc_design_2013004007.jpg arc_design_2013004006.jpg arc_design_2013004005.jpg arc_design_2013004004.jpg arc_design_2013004003.jpg arc_design_2013004002.jpg arc_design_2013004001.jpg