Designed for the International "Braun Prize" and reaching the finals was quite an achievement for a design made from eco-unfriendly fibreglass.

With the use of non recyclable materials being practically outlawed in Germany, how could a design be put forward that contained such materials?

A simple answer, make the materials as environmentally neutral as possible.

One yacht, two uses - the Dichotomic yacht.

During the week the yacht is used by yacht clubs to train learners and then on the weekend, plug in giant wings, a bow sprit and race sails and the boat can be used twice the time of normal boats and take up less space!

Unique ballast system and dual folding keels that provide stability and can also unfold to give the boats its own stand to rest on, once again less materials used!

All in all a different way of maximising return through design.
arc_design_2013006012.jpg arc_design_2013006011.jpg arc_design_2013006010.jpg arc_design_2013006009.jpg arc_design_2013006008.jpg arc_design_2013006007.jpg arc_design_2013006006.jpg arc_design_2013006005.jpg arc_design_2013006004.jpg arc_design_2013006003.jpg arc_design_2013006002.jpg arc_design_2013006001.jpg